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Далматин в старые века

Kiara: Думаю интересно многим будет посмотреть на эти фотографии

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Kiara: 19th Century Dalmations Top: Illustration from Bewick's 'History of Quadrupeds'. Bottom: Painting from the 'Sportsman's Repository' by Reinagle. Both dogs' ears are cropped completely off (not erect). Both pictures are from 'The Dog Book Vol. 1', 1905.

Kiara: 1807 Dalmatias Drawing of a Dalmatian and Carriage.

Kiara: 1840 Dalmatian From the Mary Evans Picture Library

Kiara: 1840 Dalmatian Notice the tan ticking on the feet and head which is mentioned in several early texts about the breed. From the Mary Evans Picture Library.

Kiara: 1853 Dalmatian Showing large black patches (and cropped-off ears, which were the fashion for the breed in it's early years).

Kiara: 1854 Dalmatian This book ('The Dog' by William Youatt) claims that Dalmatians are a smaller type of Great Dane! He goes on to say the breed is only used as a carriage ornament or for field coursing.

Kiara: 1865 Dalmatian 'General Rufus Ingall's coach dog'. From the Library of Congress

Zemtsova Anna: очень хорошая темка! отличная идея - давайте кидать сюда старинные гравюры, картинки, фото и тд. чтоб не потерялись))

Kiara: 1886 Dalmatians Dalmatians following a carriage

Kiara: 1890 Dalmatian 'Water Lily' [img][/img]

Kiara: 1897 Dalmatian 'Perry'. The spotting on this dog is very strange... I think they may not have showed up properly on the actual photo so someone painted them on by hand.

Zemtsova Anna: вот это известная фото Английские далматины начала прошлого века а это копия старинной гравюры - Флоренс как-то подарила мне

Kiara: 1899 Dalmatians

Kiara: 1900 Dalmatian CH 'Fontleroy'

Kiara: 1901 Dalmatian CH 'Marco'

Kiara: 1902 'Rugby Bath Brick'. (A bath brick was an early type of scouring pad.)

Kiara: 1905 'King Cole', 'Roadster' and 'Benrino', and 'Jean'.

Kiara: 1905 'Bismark'


Kiara: 1907 'Balette'

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